A sustainable approach to fashion

Waterfront lifestyle that is effortlessly elegant

Livin’ Lake Simcoe believes in being authentic and transparent with our customers about where products are made, sourced, created and assembled.  We believe in supporting Canadians, now more than ever.  Our products are made from the highest quality, local (as much as possible), sustainable, manufactured and created in Canada as a first choice.



When it is not possible to find a supplier or manufacturer in Canada, we will only work with organizations and companies that are fair trade and ensure that they are following socially responsible practices. Additionally, all printing, tagging, embossing, and embroidering is completed by our partners in Canada.

We are proudly Canadian and this business has been a labour of love. We wanted to bring the beauty and essence of Lake Simcoe and lake living to everyone through this brand and the items we have curated for you.

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